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Montana Pack Rat


​The Montana Pack Rat is easy to operate and will save you time and work!  It folds up when not in use.  It is light-weight (7.5 lb. each), and it carries those heavy and odd shaped loads.  The legs fit inside the seat compartment when not in use.  Some items accommodated by the multi-purpose Pack Rat are pellets, firewood, hay bales, coolers, water jugs, poles, bedrolls, salt blocks, etc.  

Pack Rat with legs (set of two)         $439

Half Rat without legs (set of two)   $289


When you reach camp, the Pack Rat is still functional!  By adding the "chair" legs and your horse blanket, it can be converted into a comfortable camp chair.

The Half Rat is the same quality as the Pack Rat except it is slightly smaller and has no legs.  It is for the packer who doesn't need an extra chair in camp.

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