baby eagle stove

The Baby Eagle wood stove fits well into a backpack. The stove itself only weighs 4 1/2 lb.  

Its dimensions are 5 1/2"w x 11"l x 8 3/4"h. 

Total weight with a 1/3 gallon water tank, Backpacker's warming shelf, and two 3" x 8" sections of pipe is 8 1/2 lb.  Accessories, including legs and stove pipe are removable and store inside of stove.

 World's best backpacker's stove!

Optional accessories are a warming shelf and hot water tank.  Accessories, including legs and pipe, can be removed and stored inside of stove.  Stove becomes very hot!! 

Baby Eagle Stove

with 2 - 3" x 8" pipe


Baby Eagle Stove

with a 1/3 gallon water tank, Backpacker's warming shelf,

and 2 - 3" x 8" pipe



1/3 Gallon Water Tank    $39

Backpacker's Shelf           $25

Pipe Reducer 3" to 4"       $25

Each 8" Section of Pipe   $ 5

Baby Eagle.JPG