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dutch oven cooker

Dutch Oven Cooking, Grilling, and Baking!

The D.O.C. is sturdy and folds up to fit inside its metal carry case. Dutch Oven Cookers have patent-designed double insulated bottoms - a standard feature of all Riley stoves. Because of its multi-purpose features, you can use up to 14" size Dutch Ovens and alternate Dutch Oven cooking with grilling or baking.  The D.O.C.'s height is 22 inches from ground level. Adjustable legs are available upon request.

The D.O.C. makes Dutch Oven cooking easy and enjoyable!

The Double D.O.C. with its Carry Case


Double D.O.C. with Metal Carry Case and Weather Cover (38 lb.)


The Single D.O.C.
The Double D.O.C.


Single D.O.C. with Metal Carry Case and Weather Cover (26 lb.)


You can even use its Carry Case for baking!  

Just set it on top of D.O.C. (potatoes above)

Slip out sides for a flat surface

Baking in O degree weather with pies inside Dutch Ovens!


Baking pies lifted up on a trivet inside Dutch Ovens!

The D.O.C. folds up into a box and fits inside its Metal Carry Case

Multipurpose D.O. Cooking

D.O.C. with
Weather Cover

Dutch Oven cooking, grilling. or baking!

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