about us

We manufacture the world's best light-weight camp stoves which are flexible, compact, tough and sturdy.  Riley stoves have become standard equipment in the camping and outfitting industry and are the most sought after light-weight stoves.  

Each stove is designed for quality and flexibility in packing. Riley stoves vary in size from the smallest Flap Jack stove to the largest Trail Boss stove.  Accessories such as hot water tanks, warming ovens, and warming shelves, including stove pipe and legs, fit inside of stoves for convenient transportation and storage.

Riley stoves are built to last.  Riley Stove Company has the answer to your cooking, baking, and heating needs!  These stoves are designed to get very hot, which make them great for holding heat longer.  Riley stoves have built-in dampers (front of stoves) to control temperature, and a chimney damper may also be installed in the stove pipe.  Riley stoves are perfect for stove tents and for any other type of outdoor excursion that lasts for a few days or several weeks.

Riley stoves have been used by packers for many years and have gained high respect for their durability, longevity, and flexibility.  Riley stoves have patented designed tops and double air-cooled bottoms.  Stove accessories (warming oven, hot water tank, stove pipe, and legs) store inside of stoves.