Will the galvanized coating on the stove bother me?

It will not because the galvanized coating becomes liquefied when it gets hot, and it is not possible to breath the hot liquid.  The only smell that burns off the stove is the oil from the metal.  All sheet metals, including black iron, have this oil on them from the foundry to keep them from sticking together.

Please NOTE: When you first operate your stove the galvanizing will liquefy for about 5 to 7 minutes.  At this stage it will bake on to the metal to form a protective coating.

Can we put a Riley stove in our home, R.V., or garage?

Riley Stoves are NOT recommended for your home or R.V.  It may be possible for garages IF you have a dirt or concrete floor, and ONLY if you follow your local codes for safety in wood fired chimneys.

Will the Riley stove burn through?

It would be very difficult to burn one through because it has a patented air-cooled bottom.  The larger models also have added side liners to prevent cracking.

Please NOTE: The best benefit of the Riley stove is the fact that it is galvanized which helps protect it from burning through (will last 5-10 times longer than any stove made from the same metal thickness).

After using your stove, please store it in a dry area, and it will last many, many years.  We know quite a few of our customers are still using their stoves after 20-30 years.

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