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riley stove combos

Riley Stove Combinations are perfect for the entire kitchen setup. Stove Combinations include temperature-controlled ovens, warming shelves, and hot water tanks that are specially designed for either large groups or smaller groups. Accessories are removable, and everything fits inside of these stoves, except for the temperature-controlled ovens.

Large Stove Combo

with Matt Dillon Oven

Trail Boss Stove, Matt Dillon chimney oven, 6 gallon water tank, extra large shelf, oven side shelf, and 6' of pipe.  

Ideal for the main camp where large groups are fed! Total weight is 88 lb.

Large Combo       $1226

Small Stove Combo

with Miss Kitty Oven

Wrangler Stove, Miss Kitty chimney oven, 5 gallon water tank, large shelf, oven side shelf, and 6' of pipe.  
Total weight is 59½ lb.

Small Combo       $968

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