Chimney Ovens

​Chimney ovens can be adapted to any of our stoves.  Simply close the chimney damper, 

and your meal cooks as air circulates around 

the outer jacket.  The temperature may range 

as high as 500°F.  Ovens are uniquely designed to adjust temperature for baking!

Bake casseroles, pies, a pot roast, or a turkey in these chimney ovens!! 

(Shelves are removable)

3 ways to control oven temperature:

  • The stove draft control

  • The oven damper

  • The oven relief vent

Miss Kitty Oven          $299

13" x 18" x 13"     18 lb.

Matt Dillon Oven       $369
14" x 23" x 13"     32 lb.

How to operate the Riley Warming Oven
Riley Warming Oven - Part 1
Stove Ovens

Riley stove ovens are built with double insulated bottoms to prevent scorching and set on top of stoves for baking. The true temperature on the inside of the ovens is 100 degrees hotter than the reading of the gauge on the front door.  When used for warming, these handy ovens hang on the side of any stove like hot water tanks and warming shelves. 

Slim Oven                      $69

Bread pan size

11½" x 8" x 6"               4½ lb.

Maverick Oven             $79

Holds a small bread pan and a 9” pie pan

or a small casserole dish

9½" x 13½" x 8"          5¼ lb. 

Sour Dough Oven         $89

Holds two bread pans or a casserole pan
11¼" x  17" x 8½"         9¾ lb.

Chuck Wagon Oven     $119

Comes with a shelf and holds two loaf pans

or two casserole pans

13½" x 16" x 9¾"         12½ lb.

Muy Grande Oven        $145

Comes with two removable shelves and holds

bread pans, pie pans, or three casserole pans

18½" x 14" x 14"            18½ lb. 

How to operate the Riley Warming Oven
Riley Warming Oven - Part 2

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